September 4, 2013

Hello and Welcome!

Hi! And welcome to my foodly blog, Ambrosia & Nectar. I’m Katelyn, and I really am so happy you’re here. As a brief intro, I wanted to explain my blog’s name. And no, it’s not named after Ambrosia Salad. According to Greek mythology, ambrosia and nectar were the foods eaten by the Greek gods—ambrosia even being rumored to bestow immortal life when eaten. So was I being dramatic in essentially naming my blog, “The food of the gods”? Eh, maybe. But don’t you ever taste something so extraordinarily delicious that there’s no way it could ever be fit for something less? Dramatic again? Oh well. The point is, I named my blog after the most ambrosial (get it?) thing I could come up with, and so here we are.

I received my culinary training from La Food Network, via television. Maybe you’ve heard of it? That, along with a healthy dose of some “try, try again” philosophy, some help from the mother and the grand mother, and some good old-fashioned Googling, have been my main educators. I’m like the rest of you. I love good food, and a lack of professional training isn’t going to stop me from getting it.

I’ll be blogging about all kinds of foods—some simple, some more complex, some traditional, and some original. Mainly, I want to share what I love, and I hope we can all learn and share and eat together. How does it go? “Man shall not live by bread alone?” Well, woman doth not either! Don’t get me wrong, there will be bread in abundance on this blog (love me some carbs), but lots, and lots of other deliciousness as well. So stick around—there is lots of goodness about to go down.

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