Photo cred: McCall Clark (my sweet leetle seester!)

Hey there, I’m Katelyn. Welcome to Ambrosia & Nectar—my blog all about the “ambrosial” foods I come across (if you’re curious why I chose this name, read about it here). Here I cook [almost] entirely from scratch, and I try to share recipes with my readers that make it easy to do so. I like all kinds of foods—there is no rhyme or reason to this madness; I just write about what I find delicious (and hopefully you will too).

So, a teeny bit about me…

I’m in my mid-twenties (and I already passed my quarter-life crisis, so no worries there for another 20 years).

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Mitch, and… we have the same birthday. It’s basically a holiday in our house.

We currently live in Minnesota, where Mitch is a medical student at Mayo Clinic.

The taste of raw carrots makes me shudder.

I abhor canned frosting. Eckkk. Bleh. Yuck!

I’ve sworn off making any more wedding cakes. I tried. I really did. Too stressful. Too much time. Bottom line: No.

Anyways…I really want to hear your foodie-thoughts and ideas. No, really, truly, I do. So please feel free to share your comments or contact me. I’m so happy to have you here. To start out, have a look around.