Ambrosia & Nectar

13 Sep '14

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Fresh Lime Cake with Raspberries

Is it just me, or did winter suddenly come this week? Like, no warning at all… one day it’s a comfortable 72-degrees-hmmm-how-nice-i-think-i’ll-wear-shorts-today kind of day, and the next, BAM! Coats. Gloves. Non-sandals (because really, there’s only two types of … Read More

22 Aug '14

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Mushroom Sauce

Friends. I’m so, so sorry I’ve neglected you for the past while. I feel like my life this summer was put in a blender and left on “puree” mode as we made our move from Utah to Minnesota last … Read More

30 May '14

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Heavenly Chicken Pot Pie

This was a really big and exciting week for Mitch and me. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on May 20th, and it just so happened that that very day, Mitch got a call from his dream medical school, the Mayo … Read More

13 May '14

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Ombre Sugar Sheet Cake Cookies

Alright, these didn’t really start out as being ombre sugar sheet cake cookies. I started out just wanting to share with you all my most favorite(!) sugar sheet cake cookie recipe, but then when it came time to make … Read More

02 May '14

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Yogurt-Breaded Chicken, Asparagus, & Hollandaise Sauce

I first heard mention of hollandaise sauce when I watched Julie & Julia, and the Meryl-Streep Julia Child described it so gloriously that it made my mouth water and made me vow to myself that I would, indeed, attempt … Read More