Ambrosia & Nectar

14 Mar '16

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Sage and Pistachio Irish Soda Bread Rolls

I just typed in “How is Easter Sunday determined?” in my search bar, hit enter, and clicked on a helpful-looking article. And whatd’ya know, I now know the answer! According to my understanding, Easter = 2.573 times the last 2 numbers … Read More

01 Dec '15

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My Reluctant Glamour Shots

First of all, I haaaaaate having pictures taken of myself. Hate, hate. Hate. Maybe it stems from this photo taken of me crossing the finish line in a race and printed in the newspaper my freshman year in high school. … Read More

06 Oct '15


Easiest Ever Curry in a Hurry

After my 26 years of experience on this wonderful planet, I have concluded with a fair amount of assuredness exactly two things.

One: adding bacon to pretty much anything will increase the deliciousness factor by n+1 (n being infinity), and two: … Read More

08 Sep '15

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African Peanut Stew

I’ve been on a brief (and by brief, I mean an entire summer-long) blogging hiatus, and I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. It’s just that… gosh, when you live in Minnesota, summer becomes … Read More

14 May '15

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Orange-Cranberry French Toast Bake

My parents and my not-so-baby-sister (she just got engaged last week—what?!) flew out here to Minnesota to visit Mitch and me a couple weeks ago. We took a few trips up to “The Cities,” as they call it here, aka … Read More